The questions to which a catering must always be able to answer


Is it necessary a meeting?

Always ask before a quote a cognitive meeting to customize your reception without relying on sterile proposals.

Will there be additional costs? Will there be extra costs?

If possible ask for a turnkey quote.
It is unpleasant after confirming that in the estimate the tables are not included !!!

Do you have the licenses?

On paper maybe the menu looks great but the catering is not improvisation. Requires specific requirements and licenses.

Do you have an insurance?

It seems trivial but having insurance solves many small unpleasant inconveniences.

Is the staff in good standing?

It is necessary to make sure that all personnel are perfectly in compliance with the contributory positions and with the HACCP courses to avoid that in case of checks there is a general escape and a reception without waiters and cooks.

Do you have kitchens? Can I see them?

A banqueting company must be equipped, in addition to the office, with the standard quality kitchens, a warehouse of the equipment, a show room and internal staff.
But this is not enough.
We keep in mind our health and that of our guests in the hands of the catering as well as our reception. The foods are delicate. They must be managed with care, especially in some locations, respecting the cold chain and following the HACCP regulations.

Can we bring the cake?

Of course! But make sure that the rules that guarantee you as well as a good cake the non-onset of any pathology linked to temperature changes are respected in the transport.
The cake is delivered only after making arrangements with the catering.

But the quantities of drinking and eating? Will there be enough for everyone?

A professional knows how to calculate both the quantities of food and drinks as he knows how to calculate the amount of equipment and necessary personnel.

How many waiters will there be?

As for the waiters as well as to ensure their professionalism must ensure the ratio of waiters / guests in the proportion of 1/10

But will we all be there?

The right calculation for table service is one square meter for each Guest So in 100 square meters there can not be 130 Guests

We plan to entrust catering to a restaurant

Restaurants there are excellent, but to everyone his …
You need to possess, know how to use and manage (not just rent flatware and glasses) hundreds of thousands of euros of equipment but above all have the tools to move the food … HEALTH … HEALTH … HEALTH …
Lastly having the experience and the ability to solve last minute problems. When you play at home in the walls of your restaurant everything is much simpler.

But the waiters uniform?

In addition to professionalism, the figure of the waiter is also distinguished by the dress and the appearance that must always be taken care of.

How are the dishes served?

You eat first with your eyes and then with your mouth. The dishes must be taken care of and decorated with love and skill.

Is the location lit enough?

A professional must not conceal certain defects of some locations because he cares about the success of the event.
This will guide you to find the best solution.

But the minimum guaranteed?

Each quote is always made according to a minimum number of guests.

Can we tast the menu?

A banqueting company must have a tasting room for testing menus that must be individual where in addition to the office representative there will be the chef who will suggest and will taste the dishes selected by the customer.
The menu test must be single and not collective and each recipe can be changed to the customer’s taste in collaboration with the chef.

But I have proposals at a lower price

If the price is too low the quality of food, equipment and service will be low.

But on the wedding day of my marriage to whom should I refer?

On each service there must be the referent of the catering with whom you have previously spoken and made arrangements.

But are we sure of the organization?

Some negative factors such as a few inexperienced waiters or an unorganized and equipped kitchen make up the organizational ladder and bring the discontent immediately to the guests. Until the last guest is present the service level must always be the same.